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A very warm welcome to Michael Blake Foundation

This charity and website has been set-up because oesophageal cancer is regrettably on the increase and the mortality rate is very high, due to the disease often being discovered far too late, and secondary cancer having frustratingly already established itself. This leaves the sufferer with very little chance of recovery, and with less opportunity to extend ones life span whilst undergoing treatments to control the cancer.

Like many other carers and loved ones, we were distraught when my great husband Michael and I received the devastating news that he had oesophageal cancer along with secondary cancer of the liver back in March 2007.

First we had to learn how to cope with each other and of course our extended families and friends. As well as this, Michael had to deal with the many fears and anxieties, as he began his treatments, which were all aimed at extending his life.

During the eleven months of treatment, Michael and I learnt a great deal about this cancer and the various treatments. Following Michael’s death in February 2008, my brother Tony, a founder of The Terrence Higgins Trust, and myself, made the decision to set-up this charity to help cancer sufferers and their families deal with the many issues surrounding the disease, and to encourage families and friends to campaign together and raise awareness and seek funding to achieve the following goals.

  • Raise awareness that oesophageal cancer is on the increase, particularly amongst middle-aged men in the United Kingdom.
  • Promote early screening for this cancer and help reduce the mortality rates in this country, as has been achieved in America.
  • Encourage research to be carried out more intensely, to find out why this cancer is on the increase and how oesophageal cancer can be prevented from developing further.
  • Remove the stigma that surrounds men accessing Primary Health Care at a far earlier stage.
  • Ensure there are other links to relevant web sites.
  • Allow cancer sufferers and their relatives and friends the opportunity to discuss their experiences and support each other whilst working to achieve the above goals.
  • Through a volunteer force – create an after care advisory service for the relatives and friends of those who have sadly passed away.

Already, the Gastrointestinal Consultants for Bromley National Health Service Trust have agreed to support us in prompting this our Charity nationally.

Your support in any way will be greatly appreciated; in addition, your company logo will be carried in our advertising for the MBF as a thank you for your continued efforts and support in the future.

Thank you.

Vivian & Tony.